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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Real Leather Coat


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Brown Bane Jacket - Bomber Shearling Coat

Bane Coat from The Dark Knight Rises is made with highest quality sheepskin distressed leather. We use cozy Shearling lining to keep you warm in an chilly weather, and loop style button closing makes a bold and stylish statement of Bane.

  • Cozy Sheepskin Mens Shearling Coat - Winter Protection Guaranteed
  • Premium stitching throughout
  • Stylish Cuffs with button and strap
  • 6 Button Loop style front
  • Faux Shearling lining
  • Two front welt pockets, two flap waist button pockets and two inside pockets

Also available : Mens Leather Coat


Measurement in Inches

XSmall (XS)
Small (S)
Meduim (M)
Large (L)
Jacket Chest**
Chest Size To Fit*
36" - 38"
38" - 40"
40" - 42"
42" - 44"
45" - 48"
48" - 50"
50" - 52"


The Dark Knight Rises is the 2012 DC comic film where Batman is highlighted. This film is directed by Christopher Nolan and is the final edition of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy films. Dark Knight Rises is the sequel of Batman Begin and The Dark Knight, where Christian Bale was the guy who portrayed the DC character Batman in the film. Bruce Wayne, who was retired after having a full story fight with Joker, was forced to awake the Batman inside him again because an insane guerilla terrorist Bane is planning to destroy the Gotham City. This was the city where Batman lives and he don’t like anyone thinking to destroy his place, so he came back in action to defeat this giant monster and save his city like always. In this mission, a Batgirl helped Bruce Wayne to fight with Bane. Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle) was the girl in the film to play the role of Batgirl. However, Christopher Nolan has introduced Batmobile in the BAFTA nominated film. The Hollywood film also grossed $1billion worldwide that makes this film second in Batman series and second DC comic based film to mark $1billion global. This also makes the Christopher Nolan’s film third highest-grossing superhero film of all time. However, Batman is now going to face Superman in Batman V Superman movie.


Christian Bale has done all the Batman films since Batman Begin where he faces Scarecrow that was portrayed by Cillian Murphy. The actor of American Hustle, Christian Bale has fight against Joker and Bane as well. However, his last enemy was Bane (Tom Hardy), and he’s the best to give a tough fight to Batman. The big monster planned well to destroy the Gotham City in BAFTA nominated movie, but Batman didn’t let that happen. However, that was the final appearance of Christian Bale as Batman. In the upcoming Batman V Superman movie, Ben Affleck will play the DC comic character, Batman. This 2012 Warner Bros film is still the best in Batman franchise and will remain ever.

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Product Reviews

  1. Sleeves are too small! review rating

    Posted by Justin

    The jacket looks good. It's not a motorcycle leather coat, but it works. My only problem is that it fits too tightly. I wear a 42 size jacket. I'm not that big, but I feel like my arms might bust the seams on the sleeves.

    Other than that, thumbs up!

  2. Taking it in both sense review rating

    Posted by Felix, AUSTRALIA

    Not only I’m gonna cherish this moment of having my own Celebrity outwear, but will also make it believe that I got a perfect winter coat. The Bane jacket is what I ordered the best and truly it should be known to all. The service was great and the piece is marvelous.

  3. I’m Bane review rating

    Posted by Chad, CANADA

    I’ve watched the dark knight rises a lot and I can’t stop admiring the character of Bane. He’s just simply awesome. My eyes opened wide when the coat has been made on sale. My friend referred me this site, so I stopped by and checked out their collection which the coat caught my attention. Now let’s face the fact here; I totally rock in imitating and the coat’s price is not that bad. I ordered it, reached to my place, wore it and went all good. It is comfortable and warm. Now I’m gonna bug my friends with this wear. :P

  4. Better than the costume review rating

    Posted by Kieran, UK

    This is the jacket I was truly looking for that matches my physique and style because I hit the gym 24/7. This piece is indeed very functional a perfect winter jacket.A little big but I think it looks ok to me, I don’t need to exchange for another one.

  5. very happy with the service review rating

    Posted by Jose, USA

    I’m very impress with the Hexder’s service. They did everything to satisfy a costumer. I ordered a medium size jacket which reached on time. Only the problem I face was the sizing which was large. I had a live chat with Jane and told her about the sizing issue.

    She solved the issue within no time and send me another piece which is of size medium. Hence, she even called me to find out if my order is better than the previous and as a matter of fact, it is. I thanked her so much that I had the feeling of ordering another attire on the same day, but gotta be easy cause of my expenditure. I felt really great and very happy with the service.

  6. Worth It review rating

    Posted by Timothy

    The way Bane carry this jacket, I got inspired. In my free hours I came across this website and upon availability of Bane Leather Coat I purchase one. This could be my chance to address my friends by imitating the Bane’s tone. When I wore it and acted along with it, my friends just want to beat me up. Worth It :D

  7. Finally I got it.. review rating

    Posted by Ernest Atkins, Canada

    Finally I get to own a Jacket of real leather. I’ve been dying to get this for past 5 months, and the reason for so much delays is because of my expenditure. I wanted to do a Pre-Christmas shopping. It was all due to my heavy expenditure of certain critical suitable that I could get the opportunity to get me the coat. I was like, what will I wear for winter? My family got their leather coats and only I was left. So my prayers has been answered and I had certain amount which could be handy for future and also for this coat. It reached to me on time and its very warm when I wore it. I totally love this coat and I want to give a big thanks to Jane, for making my purchase easy.

  8. The Delivery Service Was Great review rating

    Posted by John Leite

    Ok for real, I’m not sure who is Bane. I mean I don’t know his origins, but when I saw him wearing the jacket in the movie, I totally fell in love with it. I got a built body like him and I made me imagine that I would look like him with the coat. I ordered the dark knight rises jacket on Hexder.com, did all the procedure needed and added to the cart. The delivery service was great because it came to me on time. No delays took place, just the smooth arrival of my piece. Winter is my favorite season and this wear will work perfectly.

  9. Real Leather Is Better For Me review rating

    Posted by Clark Miller

    As I watched Bane in Dark Knight Rises, I starting imitating him like anything. I find this Bane better than the previous. I’ve been hearing Hexder.com the several times, and as I was checking their collections, I saw the Bane Leather Coat. I was like , if I wear this coat, I can act mad with others with the mocking of Bane. Plus this can also work for Winter since it doesn’t seem to be a costume like we see in the games. So I had a great conversation with Jane, regarding the Bane jacket. She gave me every detail about it and said that she will give me this coat within a week. She’s right, I got it in no time and in good condition. It looks totally neat, and when I wore it, I felt like as if I got the blanket on me. So thankyou Jane for help, now it’s time for the arrival of the New Bane.

  10. You Made My Halloween Special!! review rating

    Posted by Michael Figaro

    Always need something to wear for Halloween, and then I got this Coat, which looks so cool that it would make me dominate my friends, just for fun.

  11. My Best Winter Collection review rating

    Posted by Louis S. Cade

    This coat has by far been the best celebrity coat of Bane I have ever purchased. It’s warm and comfortable and my best winter collection.