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Mass 3 N7 Maroon Stripe Black Jacket

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Maroon Stripes Black Leather Jacket

This 3 Effect Jacket you see here is one of the best kind and now it has been introduced into this online store. The N7 Leather Jacket is made from Synthetic Leather, followed up by the designs which indicated the N7 logo on the right chest and some red lines places on the sleeves, shoulders, front and back of the shoulder areas. Now as for you to avail it, this will be the only outfit you ever going to consider it awesome.

Specifications of Mass 3 Jacket:

  • Premium Synthetic Leather
  • Viscose Lining
  • Stand Up Collar
  • Durable Quality
  • Zip Closure
  • N7 Logo
  • Open Bottom Hem
  • Two Pockets In The Front
  • Two Pockets Inside

Measurement in Inches

XSmall (XS)
Small (S)
Meduim (M)
Large (L)
Jacket Chest**
Chest Size To Fit*
36" - 38"
38" - 40"
40" - 42"
42" - 44"
45" - 48"
48" - 50"
50" - 52"


Mass Effect has been regarded as one of the most entertaining and the best games ever to be made. It still has a good demand and people of all ages play the game. Even though a new part is planned to be released soon, but Mass Effect 3 has won the hearts of millions of gamers, all over the world. Mass Effect 3 is the best from the Mass Effect franchise because of it story. In Mass Effect 3, the game’s story is about saving the human from aliens. A member of the SA, Commander Shepard’s appointed a task to find a suitable source that can help the humans fight against the aliens known as Reapers. He’s the last helping source that can make the humans stand a chance against them. He travels into space and has an obstacle in his way in the form of a survivalist group, Cerberus.


The main and solo character of the game is Commander Shepard. He is a soldier of the Systems Alliance Navy military and also an N7 graduated student of the Interplanetary Comabtive Training program. In the game, the player is allowed to choose the first name. In Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard is actually has his rank stripped off by the Alliance in the early stages of the game. The reason is that they think he is working alongside with Cerberus. But later on, the planet of Earth has been invaded by the Reapers. They lay waste to the whole of Earth, wiping out everything in their path. The Alliance decides to reinstate him and gives him his status back. Commander Shepard, along with his few team members, must convince and bring all the different kinds of races together and fight against the Reapers before they tear down the entire galaxy.


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Product Reviews

  1. Life just got better review rating

    Posted by Kobus Carstens from South Africa

    Hi Guys,
    Got my jacket today after an couple of days of wait.(longest wait ever)
    Fits perfectly and now waiting for the winder here in South Africa to be able to wear my Jacket with pride. I will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone.
    Keep up with the service and Quality of the work.

  2. Didn’t Fit Me Well review rating

    Posted by N/A

    I was wondering that this attire will perfectly fit to my persona as I saw in the pictures or people wearing this. But I got only 90% satisfaction instead of 100%. I got lots of issues but the main issue was of fitting. This attire was loose; very uncomfortable to wear. Didn’t get that what I was wondering to have. But what I got in return is the advantage of policy of returning, I got a new piece with no problem and this time, it matches with my personality. All other things are awesome and make me feel comfortable when I wear. Superb!!!

  3. Perfect Price And Long Lasting review rating

    Posted by Mark Kingsley, USA

    I wish for a jacket to be at reasonable price. Should be good quality. For that, I searched lots of websites to figure which one can be the best to shop at. So then I visited Hexder, and I was shocked to see the price of the jacket. It's good but then I had this in mind that I don't want to waste my cash on something that is useless. Want to make the best for my holidays. After the deciding, I finally purchased this, and I love it. Can't stop staring at it, because I'm happy that my purchase has become a success.

  4. Bought it review rating

    Posted by Marty Broderick

    This leather jacket is the need of almost every man. So being a man I also bought it for myself and believe me it was something extraordinary. I personally feel this site has the best services from all other competitors.

  5. Nice work review rating

    Posted by XYZ

    Amazing work Hexder, everything is up to the standards. I really like this piece so much that every now and then I use to wear it. Delivery of this jacket took some time but customer service staff was in contact with me throughout.

  6. Wow…What a jacket review rating

    Posted by Kenneth

    I received it yesterday. I had a great curiosity about it till it came. I opened immediately when it came to me and checked the material. By staring at it, I started to fall for this jacket even more and that by checking out the simplicity of the leather. Many of my friends want a piece of this, and I shared the website with them.

  7. Ditto review rating

    Posted by UNKNOW

    To me it looks like it is literally taken out from the game. I can’t believe it is made so well and to its such perfection. I’m really am amazed by this Effect jacket. I recommend all gamers to buy this outfit. It is worth it.

  8. Love the Colors On Leather review rating

    Posted by Evans (U.S.A)

    The colors fit perfectly on the jacket. I would never expect to look exactly like the one in the game. The game’s jacket is good but this is even better. A bit on the darker side yet it looks awesome.

  9. Amazing quality and timing review rating

    Posted by Scott St. Denis

    the quality and fit of the jacket is fantastic, it came in a short time after the order, i would definitely buy from here again, and probably will

  10. Totally Rocking review rating

    Posted by Rodney, United States

    Oh yeah!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. The N7 jacket. The colors, the features and the way it looked on me is just totally kicking. I wore it out and displayed it in front of my Homies. They got shocked and that’s what I enjoyed the most :D. It made me feel just Better than them lol . Thanks for this awesome moment.

  11. Awesomeness!!! review rating

    Posted by Antonio

    The Red and Black jacket of awesomeness is what I truly own and that is the Mass Jacket. This wear is totally rocking, that it can be made in two way. When I wore it out, some people just notice that it is a simple jacket. Some also realize the N7 logo on it and they were like “IS THAT THE JACKET FROM MASS 3” and I answered “INDEED IS”. I had a great experience with this jacket so Hats off.

  12. Thumbs Up!! review rating

    Posted by James Devlin

    I was tired of wearing a simple ordinary black jacket, so when I checked the mass costume on sale, I purchased it and quickly got it received. Everything looks good, and it fits me very well.

  13. Satisfied!! review rating

    Posted by David Parker

    I love playing the game, that’s the reason why I purchased this because I love the red and black designs on it. This looks so life like that got me satisfied easily.