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Connor Kenway Assassins Creed 3 Jacket

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Assassins Creed 3 Connor Kenway Jacket

A great disparity of red and black color has given the Assassin Jacket a divine touch. This costume is made of High Quality Synthetic Leather and Heavy duty YKK branded zippers for durability and style. Studded Designed Buttons add verve and dynamic style to this Assassin creed jacket. One of the best feature that make this Connor Kenway hoodie jacket more attractive is the asymmetrical zip closing style.

The red hexagonal pointed bottom with buttons makes your body a hip and  desireable look.The other features of this Assassins Creed jacket include Buttoned Studded Cuffs Closure, Diagonal Pockets at Waist Length and a Smart Detachable Hoodie that plays a dual role of adding style and protection from harsh and windy winter weather. This unisex Assassins Creed 3 hoodie jacket is perfect for everyone. Be the First to get this Marvelous piece to flaunt your individual taste and style.

Product Details:

  • High Quality Synthetic Leather
  • Viscose Lining
  • Neat stitching
  • Front Zip closure
  • Detachable hood
  • Button studded red turn-back cuffs
  • Two pockets at the waist; two pockets inside

Measurement in Inches

XSmall (XS)
Small (S)
Meduim (M)
Large (L)
Jacket Chest**
Chest Size To Fit*
36" - 38"
38" - 40"
40" - 42"
42" - 44"
45" - 48"
48" - 50"
50" - 52"

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Product Reviews

  1. The Assassin Creed League Vs The Original Assassin Creed

    Posted by Randall, U.K

    I’ve purchased the Assassin Creed Jacket and not only me but I let my other friends get one for themselves. I created my own Assassin Creed League, and we were like all over the hood. The piece is really great. I love the color too. If there were army of the original Connor Kenway’s version, we can take them down.

  2. All Is Good Except The Delivery

    Posted by Duane, USA

    I wanted the original Assassin Creed costume, which is in white. When I checked out that it’s available in Red and Black, I kept thinking and thinking whether I should get this version piece or not. It did look cool. I asked my buddies for their suggestions and their reply was Go For It. So then I ordered it and it reached to me safely. The only problem was their delivery service. It took long, but at least they didn’t keep quiet about this. They told me they had some problem with the shipment and packages. As for this Jacket that I received is marvelous and comfortable. Only one thing that needs to be improved from you is the quick delivery.

  3. My Review

    Posted by Walter

    My Review is more likely to be shared with those who thinks that Assassin Creed Jacket is only made for costume. I’ve purchased this piece at the very online site and according to me I’d say trend it in any style. It’s an all new trend that should be recognized to all and then gradually people will follow you. I’ve went through lot of my peeps and they found it weird. I was like “No, it’s just like ordinary hooded jacket”. Taking it as an costume is not wrong but we should also find new ways to turn a costume wear into a winter jacket.

  4. First Experience

    Posted by Shane Davis

    I received the Black And Red Assassin Creed Jacket and I’d say this looks way cooler than the original color. I do free styles and Pakour myself and very soon when I’ll perform those, I will perform it with this jacket. Very soon I will be the next Connor Kenway. Not to mention that I ordered it from Hexder.com and totally the free shipments service is totally neat. It kind of took long, but it’s worth to wait. Thankyou and Peace.

  5. I Purchased this jacket with Confidence

    Posted by Edward McCleary

    This Assassin Creed Jacket is just amazing. Do not let the price fool you. Just because the is of reasonable and low price doesn’t mean it’s of cheap quality. I’ve purchased this clothing and truly with confidence I will say that this is the best piece I have ever purchased. I really looked good at my friend’s costume party and everybody there asked me about the wear I purchased from. I told everybody that Hexder.com has provided me this, and it’s been almost a month that no damages has occurred on it. You made my day Hexder.

  6. Assassin Creed is my favorite game....

    Posted by Kyle Markley

    Assassin Creed is my favorite game and it’s a great thing that they made the imitation version of Connor's costume. So I came across Hexder.com and they has sale on the replica of Connor Jacket of Assassin Creed at great price. The delivery of this jacket came to me on time, which gave me the perfect time to add extra feature onto myself that may go along with my costume.

  7. I love this jacket!!

    Posted by Larry Jones

    Let me just start by saying that I love this jacket. The color combination of Red and Black totally amazed me, even though this is not the original color that I saw in the game. My friend gifted me this Assassin Creed Jacket and told me to share my opinion. This is totally rocking and it gave me a complete fit. I would like to thank my friend and also Hexder for this awesome piece that I shall cherish it for Halloween or maybe at my friend’s costume party.

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